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At Triad Family Dental, our staff and team of children’s dentists understand the importance of ensuring a child feels safe and comfortable during dental exams and treatments. We offer a friendly environment full of energy and fun activities that help children overcome any anxiety. We encourage the family to participate by asking questions and always welcome parents in treatment rooms.

This Triad Family Dental office is conveniently located in Western Greensboro, NC off Hornaday on Nicholas Rd. We are located in the same plaza as the Big Burger Spot.

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When it’s time to bring your kid to the dentist’s office, make sure to call Triad Family Dental. Located on Nicholas Road, Triad Family Dental provides the best local family dentists near you.

Your Local Family Dentistry

Triad Family Dental Greensboro, NC is located in the same plaza as Big Burger Spot, in front of the Spare Time Bowling Alley. As a family dental center, Triad Family Dental strives to provide families in the Greensboro area with the best dentist for kids. Our NC-certified family dentists welcome families into a fun, upbeat environment designed to promote children’s dental health.

A Kid-Friendly Environment

In order to give you and your family the best dental experience, we dedicate our practice to providing children in the Greensboro area with the best dental care in a friendly, energetic atmosphere. At Triad Family Dental, we provide fun activities to help children enjoy their visit, and we invite parents to join their kids in the treatment rooms.

Are you concerned that your young child will feel uneasy at the dentist’s office? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Triad Family Dental is dedicated to providing families in Greensboro, NC with the best toddler dentists in the area. Our patient, kid-friendly dentists know how to distract your child while still providing the best family dental care in the area. Still not sure if you believe us? That’s okay! Check out what other parents are saying about their experiences at Triad Family Dental.

Schedule An Appointment Today

Our clinic is open Monday-Thursday from 8:00am-5:00pm and on Friday from 8:00am-2:00pm. For all of your children’s dental needs, come to Triad Family Dental. Call +1 (336) 387-9168 and fill out an online patient form today!

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